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We are “The Traffic Lawyers”® an established Team of Professional Criminal Defence Trial Lawyers. If you are facing a Careless Driving Charge anyplace in Ontario; or a DUI – Impaired, Over 80, Refuse, or Dangerous Driving Charge in Toronto, Halton, Peel, York or the Waterloo-Wellington Region of Ontario, Canada and are looking for a Defence Lawyer – we are the one place to call at 416-284-9060 or toll free at 1-877-733-2203. We are primarily Lawyers, but also have a network of Paralegals to defend minor Traffic Tickets throughout Ontario, so no matter how serious, or how minor, the offence: we can assist. We have free meeting facilities throughout the GTA and Waterloo Region, or we can provide you with a free consultation by telephone. You may also contact us with inquiries for any other Criminal Defence matter, or if you have been injured and believe that you may have a potential personal injury claim, and we will get you to the right person.

‘The Traffic Lawyers’® is a registered trademark and a phrase that cannot legally be used by anyone. “The Traffic Lawyers”® is  now recognized in the industry as our Team of seasoned Criminal Defence Lawyers with a practice focused on the defence of criminal and quasi-criminal driving offences. All initial inquiries flow through, as efficiently as possible, to the Lawyer or Paralegal on the Team who can best assist with the charge. This gives clients the opportunity to speak immediately, or at least very quickly, with the actual Lawyer or Paralegal who will be handling their case in court and, if a message needs to be left, all team members are dedicated to returning calls as quickly as possible and with the highest level of customer service.

Where appropriate we also manage minor traffic offences in-house, and utilize a team of both in-house and independent Paralegals to assist, in order reduce the cost of service for our clients. Paralegal rates are equivalent to those at other paralegal companies, but if the file is handled by us, then the Paralegals have access to our Team of experienced Trial Lawyers for advice and direction, at no additional charge to the client. We believe that this makes us the clear choice, not only if the case warrants a Lawyer, but also in the case of a minor Traffic Ticket warranting a Paralegal. If the case is appropriate for a paralegal, clients will quickly and efficiently be referred to a trusted Paralegal in the appropriate Region with whom they can deal directly. Lawyers generally only handle serious Highway Traffic Act charges and Criminal Offences.

Our clients are often first time offenders; people who would not normally find themselves in conflict with the Justice System – ‘good people’ who have either made a bad decision or who, as a result of an error in judgement or an unfortunate set of circumstances, find themselves in an unfamiliar situation facing a prosecution. Most people retain our Office to try to avoid convictions, but also to avoid insurance increases and the other penalties associated with driving offence convictions such as demerits, license suspensions, and fines.

If you have been charged with any driving offence in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga or downtown Toronto, or a Careless Driving Offence anywhere in Ontario, please don’t hesitate to call us today for a free consultation – we are here to assist! If you have been charged with any other type of criminal offence, or have been injured in any type of accident and want to know whether you have a potential law suit, you can also contact us right away and we will get you the answers you need, or refer you to the right person.

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