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Pedestrian Crossing Road Rules For Drivers

Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian Crossing

Warm weather is finally here in Ontario! With the coming of this lovely warm weather means busier streets with pedestrians.  As of 2016 drivers must stop and yield the whole roadway at the following:

  • Pedestrian crossovers
  • School crossing
  • Other locations with crossing guard

(*this does not include crossings with traffic lights and stop signs unless a crossing guard is present*-Ontario Minitsry of Transportation)

If drivers are charged with this offence they can be fined $150 to $500 AND 3 demerit points added to their record. An important note to make is fines double when you are in community safety zones.


Pedestrian Crossing Tips

With warmer weather approaching that means more pedestrians. Here are some tips to keep the roads safe:

  • Always watch and look for pedestrians when turning
  • Drive cautiously through residential areas and school zones
  • Drive cautiously and be patient around senior and community safety zones

For more information on this offence go to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website. There is a more detail explanation of the offence and fines.

How Can We Help?

So how can The Traffic Lawyers ® help you if you find yourself with this offence? We offer free consultations, either by telephone or in person at one of our office locations. Please give us a call at 416-284-9060 or 905-847-2777 or 1-877-733-2203

At The Traffic Lawyers we have trained Lawyers with experience in Traffic Tickets. If there is a chance for demerit points to go on your record we always suggest disputing. There is a potential to impact your insurance rates!

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