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Demerit Points Finally Explained

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Common questions that we find clients have is what are Demerit Points? How many Demerit Points do I start with? How long are they on my record?

What Are Demerit Points

So to start off Demerit Points is a system used in Ontario for drivers to ensure they follow the driving laws. It’s a point system to penalize drivers that do not follow the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

A common misconception of Demerit Points is that you have points already on your record. When in fact you start off your driving record empty at zero and accumulate Demerit Points when a conviction is made.

On the Ontario website, they have an entire section explaining Demerit points. If you are convicted and receive Demerit Points they stay on your driving record for two years. Drivers do worry that demerit points are seen by insurance companies, when in fact the insurance companies do not see demerit points but the driving abstract. However, if you collect enough points you can lose your license!

How Can You Get Demerit Points?

So how many points can you get? What convictions give you Demerit points? A full list in detail about what traffic offences apply demerits to your record can be found on There you can find a list of what offenses or violations accumulate what points on your driving record.

Violation(Description of Offence)Highway TrafficAct OffenceDemerit Points
Fail to remain2007
Careless driving1306
School bus1756
Speeding 50+1286
Speeding 30-491284
Speeding 16-291283
Speeding 1-151280
Follow too closely1584
Fail to yieldvarious sections3
Stop sign & Red lights3
Fail to report accident3
Unsafe move – lane or shoulder1543
Wrong way153/1563
Improper turnsvarious sections2
Fail to share road1482
No seatbelt1062
Prohibited turnsvarious sections2

Demerit Points Consequences

Now what are the consequences for receiving points? That all depends on what license you have. For a new driver the following consequences can be applied:

  • 2-5 points you will be sent a warning letter
  • 6-8 points your license could be suspended, there is a chance you may need to attend and interview to discuss your driving record
  • 9 or more your license is suspended for 60 days

For a full license driver the following consequences can be applied:

  • 2-8 points you will be sent a warning letter
  • 9-14 points your license could be suspended, there is a chance you may need to attend and interview to discuss your driving record
  • 15 or more licensed suspended for 30 days
All the above information on consequences can be found at

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