What We Do !

Traffic Ticket Blog

We are a Team of independent and highly experienced Professional Criminal Defence Trial Lawyers and Paralegals, unlike any other Team in the Province, and we defend people who have been charged with Driving Offences. We defend Criminal Charges like DUI, Impaired, Over 80, and Dangerous Driving + Serious HTA Offences like Careless Driving, Stunt Racing and Fail To Remain as well as all minor traffic tickets including Speeding Tickets.

We also offer Paralegal services at fixed fees in relation to minor charges, which are competitive with any Paralegal Company in the industry. Our advantage in relation to Lawyer Services is that all Lawyers have a criminal defence practice with a focus on the defence of Criminal Driving Offences, including Impaired & Dangerous Driving; and we defend Impaired Driving, Careless Driving, and Speeding charges anywhere in Ontario.

The members of our team are extremely qualified in dealing with offences under the Criminal Code and The Highway Traffic Act. Our knowledgeable Lawyers and Paralegals have been dealing with driving offences for quite a number of years. We operate as a team and due to our team dynamic, each member is able to contribute a wide assortment of legal arguments to all our cases.

If you are dealing with a driving offence, you should not hesitate and call our office today.  Our knowledgeable Lawyers and Paralegals will do everything to assist you while mitigating the damages of your driving offence as much as possible.