We are Ontario's driving offence law firm.

Every case is different, but the ramifications of a conviction are always dramatic and the cost of hiring proper representation is generally minor when compared to the costs that you might be facing.


We are not a paralegal company – though we do offer paralegal services at very competitive rates. We are a Lawyer’s Office – and one of the only Law Firms in the Province of Ontario with a practice dedicated entirely to the defence of driving charges under the Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Act. We are a Team of in-house and contract Lawyers and Paralegals, who are all dedicated to working as a Team in the defence of driving charges in Ontario, Canada. The Team was founded by Kevin R. Burrows, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor; an experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer who has worked as both a Defence Lawyer and as an Assistant Crown Attorney.

All clients hire the Burrows Firm which then co-ordinates the defence, whether handled in-house or by a local independent Team Member. We have an exceptional Team of Lawyers & Paralegals available to handle the defence of any Criminal or Quasi-Criminal driving offence that you might be facing. Lawyers handle all Criminal Charges and some of the most of the serious Highway Traffic Offences; while Paralegals handle all minor Traffic Tickets and also some serious Traffic charges & Appeals. We generally quote based on fixed fees and rates of course differ for Lawyers and Paralegals. Our paralegal fees are competitive with any company in the industry, but the added advantage to choosing our Firm is that the case always remains under the direction and supervision of an experienced Trial Lawyer – at no extra charge. This is what truly sets us apart from the competition.

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No case is too big or too small! We would invite you to allow us to manage the defence of your charge, even if it is a minor offence in a distant Ontario jurisdiction. Chances are that we have an independent Agent in the Region who we will send the case to on your behalf; that way we can monitor your case and provide appropriate instructions and directions to ensure you secure the best resolution available.

You should know that no-one can guarantee the outcome of a Court case with certainty and such promises or guarantees are contrary to Law Society of Upper Canada Rules. We would caution you to be careful of slick marketing gimmicks claiming near perfect records or purporting to charge a retainer based on outcome.

Our Founder

The Founder of Burrows Professional Corporation

Kevin R. Burrows, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor, University Instructor, Former Prosecutor.

Kevin Burrows - Traffic LawyersMr. Burrows graduated from the Carleton University Criminology Program with a B.A. in Psychology in 1984 and from Queen’s University Law School in 1987, before beginning his career on Bay Street.

He was called as a Barrister of The Supreme Court of Ontario in 1989 and practiced throughout Ontario as a Criminal Defence Lawyer. His experience includes work as a Per Diem, and later as a full-time Assistant Crown Attorney in the Waterloo Region, and both trial and appellate work in relation to Highway Traffic Act Charges and Criminal Offences.

Mr. Burrows later completed an LL.M., Master of Laws Degree, at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in 1999 and has taught law at both the College and University level for many years.

He has managed business operations in each of the manufacturing, retail and service industries and has held executive positions in the corporate community. He is also a Past-President of The John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington, a community based, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to Effective, Just and Humane Responses to Crime and its Causes.

Mr. Burrows founded “The Traffic Lawyers”® with the goal of recruiting exceptional trial litigators from both the Lawyer & Paralegal communities, in order to create an unparalleled defense Team focusing exclusively on the defense of driving charges in the Criminal & H.T.A. Courts throughout Ontario.

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