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It is critically important to note that only a Lawyer can handle Impaired / Over 80 or Refuse charges (the equivalent to DUI in the U.S.). Paralegal Companies are not permitted to retain clients for these types of services.

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Pricing & Services – Lawyers & Paralegals (Toronto, Halton & Peel Regions only – please ask for pricing for other jurisdictions, as we can handle cases via our network of Agents in most places throughout Ontario. Please note that HST applies to all fees.)

(Prices appear below – but please read all information before going to prices.)

We are often asked – What is the difference between Lawyers & Paralegals?

LAWYERS: Lawyers are required to have completed undergraduate studies at University before even being permitted to compete to get into Law School. Typically applicants need to be ‘A’ University students, or near the top of their University programs in order to be competitive. They are then required to score in the top percentile (varies from year to year) on the Law School Entrance Exam (LSAT), which is a competition between all of the top University students who are trying to get into Law School. Approximately 150,000 people write the LSAT in Canada each year. Space in Law Schools are very limited, with students competing for about 1000 spaces per year in the entire Province of Ontario. In addition, there is then a complicated written application process to gain entry. If accepted, students then spend 3 more years studying full-time in Law School, followed by a year apprenticing (Articling) and then candidates are required to take the Bar Admission courses and successfully pass all exams in order to be called to the Bar of the Province and entitled to practice Law. It is a competitive, long, arduous and expensive process.

PARALEGALS: Until 2007, the paralegal industry was a completely unregulated industry, which meant that those practicing at the time required no formal training or experience and there was no oversight or regulation. The Law Society of Upper Canada was then charged with the task of taking over regulation of the industry. Paralegals must now be licensed to practice. Paralegals who were already in practice prior to 2007 had to pass a single Ethics exam but otherwise there was no required prerequisite of formal training – there are many still in practice. New Paralegals since then have been required to complete a College program; this program is optional for those grandfathered in.

All licensed legal service providers are now required to participate in annual professional development, which can include watching videos or attending seminars. All full-time Paralegals in our employ are required to also have completed the full College Program; we do not hire people without any formal post-secondary training.


It is critically important to note that only a Lawyer can handle Impaired / Over 80 or Refuse charges (the equivalent to DUI in the U.S.). Paralegal Companies are not permitted to retain clients for these types of services. A paralegal company cannot give you legal advice or handle a case of this nature and should not be advertising these types of services.

For Criminal or Serious Quasi-Criminal charges, only a premium level of service is appropriate. We will pull out all the stops, pursue every possible defence, investigate and speak to witnesses as required, speak to the Police as required, engage in legal research as required, engage in pre-trial discussions with the Crown or Judicial pre-trials with the Judge and Crown if required; pursue any and all available Charter Applications and remedies. Whatever can be done – will be done; with a view to achieving the very best result possible. Our first objective is always to seek to eliminate the charge completely, if that is not possible then we will seek to minimize the damage as far as possible by way of plea bargain to a more minor, sometimes non-criminal charge, or plead otherwise in accordance with your instructions in the event that there are no defences available. Alternatively, we will proceed to trial if there are defences potentially available.

We generally try to estimate fees to handle particular cases – we will need to speak to you further to determine the specific circumstances of your case before committing, but here are our general block fees:

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Impaired / Over 80 / Refuse / Dangerous:
– Initial Retainer: $3,500*
– Full Trial (add): $6,500**

* The initial retainer includes the first few court appearances, securing and reviewing disclosure, legal research regarding your case, preliminary discussions with the Crown and witnesses if appropriate. If the charge is withdrawn at this stage – that is included. If the charge is reduced at this stage – that is included. If you opt instead for a guilty plea – that is included. The purpose of this stage is to provide you with a legal opinion as to your likelihood of succeeding at trial, and to determine if the charge can be withdrawn or reduced at this stage of the proceedings.

** While no one can guarantee the outcome of a court case, we will not recommend trial unless we believe you have a chance of being successful. Many charges of this nature can be fully defended at trial; a thorough review of your case is required to be in a position to provide you with an opinion in that regard. If you opt for a trial, your trial retainer will become due on or before the trial date is set; the trial retainer is in addition to the initial retainer.


There are 2 types of service levels that we provide: Premium Service and Economy Service, generally handled by Paralegals although we reserve the right to substitute a Lawyer. In either case, what set’s us apart from the competition is that even with Paralegal representation, the file remains under the direction and supervision of an experienced trial Lawyer at no extra charge to the client i.e. you are still getting a Lawyer’s Office.

Premium Service Fees involve an approach similar to those outlined above and are quoted based upon the specifics of your charge. These are managed on a Team effort, co-ordinate by a Senior Lawyer. Please contact our office to arrange a free no-obligation consultation in-office or by telephone. Retainers are generally $2,500 – $3,500 in circumstances where the charge is serious and you want a full defence i.e. you believe that you are either innocent of the charge, or, even if you believe you may be guilty you still want the very best service available to try to eliminate or defend the charge and want to make sure a Law Firm, rather than a paralegal company, is managing your defence.

The other alternative is Economy Service, appropriate in circumstances where you know you are guilty of the offence, intend to plead guilty / pay the ticket, but would like us to attend instead to see if the charge can be eliminated or reduced to a more minor offence, with instructions to plead guilty to the best available deal. Client’s attendance is not required.

Economy Service Fees
$250 Speeding 1-49 over
$399 Any other Part I Offence, other than Careless Driving
$599 Part I Careless Driving
$899 Part III Charges that do not involve an accident (e.g. Drive Suspended, No Insurance)

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