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Expanding “The Traffic Lawyers”®

We will soon be expanding our services by engaging Independent Lawyers in various Regions throughout Ontario to carry on the work of defending driving offences under our licensed trademark “The Traffic Lawyers.” ® These Lawyers will be carefully screened and selected based on demonstrated skill, experience and a willingness to dedicate themselves to remaining the “Go-To” Lawyer for driving offences in their respective Regions. Independent Team Lawyers will be licensed through the Firm and will gain the benefits of Association with the Firm, including access to resources and knowledge; and the privilege of defending clients with driving offences in their specific Regions. Clients retaining Independent Lawyers will do so directly, so that the Solicitor-Client relationship will be between the client and the Lawyer so retained.




This arrangement will allow clients to be serviced by trusted professionals wherever the offence is alleged to have occurred and will further improve the sharing of knowledge, precedents, and defences among the entire Team, thereby further enhancing the overall quality of service for all involved. An additional advantage is that clients will be dealing directly with a Lawyer that focuses on a specific ‘Home Court’. Please keep an eye on the ‘Our Team’ page in the coming months to determine if a “Traffic Lawyer”® has been selected for your Region.


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If you are interested, please do not delay as there is only room for one Lawyer in most Regions

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