We handle speeding tickets for people everyday

Speeding tickets can wreak havoc with your insurance rates so they should not be taken lightly

Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets; everybody gets them. Can you defend a speeding ticket on your own? You might be able to handle your own case, but we still think that it is a good idea to hire someone to defend your speeding ticket.

Provincial Offences Court is a people’s court so you are certainly entitled to choose to defend yourself on a speeding ticket and in fact most Prosecutors will offer a reduction whether the person is represented or not, based on whether there has already been a roadside reduction plus a consideration of your driving record, particularly in relation to prior speeding tickets. However, there can be legal issues relating to speeding tickets that you might not be aware of and the process can be time consuming and sometimes very frustrating. Most people find it cost prohibitive to handle a ticket on their own.

We handle speeding tickets for people everyday. We will turn in the speeding ticket for you, check for filing and jurisdictional errors, secure and review the disclosure in relation to the ticket, speak to the Officer if necessary, meet with a Prosecutor if appropriate, eliminate the speeding ticket if possible, or negotiate a reduction of the speeding ticket, or attend at a subsequent trial date if necessary to defend the speeding ticket. We generally employ law students and paralegals, including ex-police officers to defend speeding tickets although Lawyers are always available to provide legal advice at no extra charge and if we substitute a lawyer to handle your speeding ticket it will be at no additional charge. The fee to defend a speeding ticket is a fixed flat fee. In accordance with Law Society rules, there can be no absolute guarantee as to outcome. We of course do this for a living, so we are likely to achieve at least as good, and probably a better outcome than you would achieve on your own defending a speeding ticket. The added advantage to hiring us is that you will save the time and effort otherwise incidental to attending court in the defence of a speeding charge. Our fees are low, but it is part of being a full-service Driving Defence Law Firm and we always take defending your speeding ticket very seriously.

Speeding tickets can wreak havoc with your insurance rates so they should not be taken lightly. Many people think that they can pay their first speeding ticket without consequence. While some insurance companies will give you a pass on a minor speeding ticket, you may find that a major speeding ticket is another story. In addition, if you are convicted of subsequent speeding tickets, your insurance company will almost surely react with rate increases. Perhaps worse, the Prosecutor will also now be aware that you have a prior conviction for speeding which will negatively affect your negotiation position on that second speeding ticket and any other speeding tickets to follow. The smart money is therefore on the defendant who comes to see us for their first speeding ticket. Having said that, we will of course still defend your interests no matter how many prior convictions for speeding or other traffic offences you might have.

Most speeding tickets are not particularly complex, but issues can arise that will not be obvious to the uninitiated. We want to make sure that our service is so convenient and affordable that it really would make little sense for you to risk defending a speeding ticket on your own. Visit our ‘Fees’ page. We are sure that you will agree. We look forward to hearing from you and to serving your interests regarding your speeding tickets or any other traffic tickets or driving offence that you might have.

If you are currently facing a speeding ticket or speeding tickets in Mississauga, Burlington or Oakville, let us help you. Call us today at (905) 847-2777; (416) 284-9060; or 1-877-733-2203 to schedule an appointment or inquire via our online consultation form. Please do not plead guilty to a speeding ticket without checking with us first. Speeding tickets can be considered a minor offence, or a serious traffic offence, depending upon the speed, but we deal with speeding tickets everyday and will do everything possible to assist you.

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