Novice Drive Violations

These violations may prolong you from obtaining your full license.

Novice Driver (G1/G2) Violations

A novice driver is any individual who holds a class G1 or G2 driver’s license. Each classification of license incorporates different restrictions. For those who carry a G1 license, you are unable to drive a vehicle without the company of an individual who has been driving with their G license for more than 4 years. Furthermore, an individual with a G1 license cannot drive on any Kings Highway or drive between the night time hours from Dusk to Dawn.

G2 licensee’s carry different restrictions than those of a G1 license. G2 licensee’s cannot have any alcohol in their blood while operating a motor vehicle (applies to G1 licensees as well).

Further restrictions to G2 licensees for those under the age of 19 between the hours of midnight and 5am:

  • In the first 6 months with your G2 license you are only allowed to carry one passenger under the age of 19.
  • After 6 months with your G2 license and until you obtain your G license, you may carry 3 passengers aged 19 or under.

A G2 driver who is 19 or under may be exempted by the above conditions if they are accompanied by a full class driver in the front seat of the vehicle or if the passengers are members of your immediate family.

It’s important to note that if a novice driver is convicted for charges carrying 4 or more demerit points, it will result in an automatic Ministry Of Transportation suspension of the novice drivers’ licence.

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The Seriousness Associated With The Charge:

If you violate any of the conditions on your novice driver license, you are generally susceptible to a 30 day license suspension on your first conviction and a 90 day suspension for your second offence, in which this suspension takes effect from the time you surrender your license to the MTO on or after the date of suspension. These are not the only repercussions that result from one’s actions in that the court may also impose a fine associated with your specific charge, may it be having too many passengers in your vehicle for a G2 license.

Generally speaking, the same restrictions apply to those who have their M1 and M2 license.  Any individual who operates a motorcycle with a M1 license is prohibited from doing so between the dusk and dawn. They are also not allowed to drive with any blood alcohol as well as a passenger on the back of the motorcycle as well as operating their motorcycle on any kings highway. Individuals with their M2 license are allowed to drive during the nighttime hours and are allowed to have a passenger on the rear of their motorcycle. M2 licensees are still not allowed to operate a motorcycle with any alcohol in their blood.



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