Traffic Light Charges

There are many different kinds of traffic light charges a driver in Ontario may receive under The Highway Traffic Act.

Traffic Light Violation Charges

Traffic Light charges vary upon the charge as well as the penalties associated per charge. A driver in Ontario can face several charges under The Highway Traffic act associated with traffic lights. Some of these charges may include; failing to proceed at a green light, failing to stop at a red light, failing to stop at an amber light, and proceeding before a green light. Depending on what the driver does, will then determine what the police have charged the driver for. For example, if a driver does not stop at a red light, they will be charged with failing to stop at a red light. If a driver proceeds over the white line located on the road prior to a green light, a driver may face the charge of proceed before green.

Just because oncoming traffic has an advance green does not mean a driver in Ontario is not required to stop prior to making their right hand turn on a red light. This will still result in a charge for failing to stop at the said red light.

The least serious charge out of all traffic light offences is the charge of failing to proceed at a green light as directed. This charge will generally result in a fine of $85.00 plus court costs and victim surcharges. If this offence has arisen in a community safe zone, the fine is increased to $120.00. It is still significantly lower then the other charges one may face associated with traffic lights under The Highway Traffic Act. Along with such a minimal fine, this charge will render 3 demerit points of off ones license.

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Penalities Associated with Traffic Light Charges

The penalties for traffic light charges vary upon the offence. Failing to proceed at green light has a lesser penalty then that of a charge of failing to stop at a red light. These offences will still affect ones insurance rates and we strongly suggest to any driver facing any traffic light charges to seek legal representation to mitigate the ramifications of such a conviction on ones drivers abstract as well as insurance rates.


Failing to stop at a red light may result in an individual :

  • losing 3 demerit points.
  • A $260 fine plus court costs and victim surcharge.
  • If an accident has occurred, the driver who ran the red light will be deemed at fault.

Every driver in Ontario is required to stop at a amber light if it is safe to do so, if it is not safe, a driver may proceed through the amber light with caution.

A driver may face 3 demerit points as well as a fine of $150 plus court costs and victim surcharges if that driver fails to stop at an amber light when it was safe to do so.

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