Improper Turns

"I was charged with an improper turn, now what is that?"

Improper Turns Charges

Generally speaking, improper turn charges under The Highway Traffic Act are one of the least serious offences as a conviction would result in the loss of 2 demerit points. This does not mean it should be taken lightly as any conviction on ones record will have an influence on the insurance rates one pays. If an accident is a result of this improper turn, it is more serious than the latter and must be dealt with accordingly. For example; improper turn charges arise when an individual makes a turn, left or right, and makes the turn wide crossing into the other lane. This is not safe and at times can result in an accident due to the other driver not being aware of an another car entering their lane upon a turn.


Not all improper turns are a result of negligence. There may be other reasons as to why a driver encountered an improper turn.

Our team of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals deal with these charges on a daily basis. Our team will prepare a concrete legal defence to obtain an acquittal in your favour. If this is not possible due to the strength of the evidence that the prosecution brings forward, we will negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the demerit points you may incur if you had plead guilty on your own and/or decrease your fine, which ever may be applicable in your case at hand.

Improper Turn Causing Accident:

Improper turns causing accidents are more serious than an improper turn charge in itself. An insurance company will view this as more serious and your rates may reflect such. Even though 2 demerit points are associated with the charge, it is still more serious than a standard improper turn charge. Now there are witnesses and victims who have experienced the improper turn that caused the accident.


If you want to reduce your chances of increased insurance rates due to your charge, our team of experience Lawyers and Paralegals can help. We will explore every possible avenue to have your charge reduced to a less significant one, or have the charge completely withdrawn, depending on the evidence that the prosecution puts forward.

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