Have you been charged for driving without insurance?

Sometimes good people make mistakes and are unaware their insurance has been cancelled due to a variety of circumstances.

Driving Without Insurance Charges

The charge of driving without insurance is found under the legislation of the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act and not the Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code. Driving without insurance is often a defendable charge. Sometimes drivers are unaware that their insurance as lapsed and should not be chastised for such.

Fail to produce insurance card is not the same offence as driving without insurance.  The penalties for such offence are not the same as driving without insurance. Often times fail to produce insurance is defendable or negotiable. These charges generally carry a $65 fine and do not result in any demerit points.

We can can and we will help you. There is never a charge too big for our office to handle.  Picking up the phone and booking a free consultation is your first step in beating your charge. If your charge is not beatable, we will do everything to reduce it to the lowest possible charge.

The Penalties Associated With Drive No Insurance:

First offence is a minimum fine $5,000 and no more than $25,000

Second offence is a minimum fine of $10,000 no more than $50,000

In addition a driver may face a license suspension of up to one year for driving without insurance.


Failure to Provide Insurance Card:

Results in a $65 fine

Does not result in the loss of demerit points as seen with other offences under The Highway Traffic Act.


If you are facing the charges of Driving without insurance or failure to provide insurance card, we are the legal team to beat your charge. No charge is too big or too little for us to handle. Call us today so we can help you. Often times, something can be done. It is extremely rare that nothing can be done to mitigate the damages to your drivers license or insurance.

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