Have you recently received a ticket for driving while under suspension?

As drivers, sometimes we are unaware that our license has been suspended, may it be for an unpaid fine or due to other circumstances.

Have you been charged for driving with a suspended license?

If you’ve been charged for driving with a suspended license you need The Traffic Lawyers® on your side.

There is no charge that is too serious or that we cannot defend. The penalties may appear severe, but our knowledgeable team of Lawyers and Paralegals have the experience to defend your charges. We are constantly in court defending these charges everyday. If you are facing a Drive Suspended charge, we strongly suggest that you phone our office because we know we can help you.

The factors determining whether an individual may receive a suspension of their driver’s license vary per each circumstance. An individual may have their license suspended for various reasons such as:

  • An unpaid fine.
  • A suspension resulting from a conviction of an offence.
  • A medical suspension by a doctor due to an illness.
  • Failure to make child support payments.
  • Or, other specific circumstances.

You should never plead guilty to this kind offence. Our office can help you avoid the ramifications of a conviction to ones license and insurance rates. If you are facing a Drive Under Suspension charge, do not hesitate and call us today!  Calling our team of Lawyers and Paralegals will only help better your chances of beating the charge. There is no harm in contacting our office for a free consultation. Your first step to beating this charge begins with making a phone call to our office and coming in to speak with one of our experience Lawyers or Paralegals. We deal with this charge everyday and can only further your chances of winning.



Penalties For Those Convicted of Drive Suspended:

If convicted of Driving Under Suspension under The Highway Traffic Act, an individual faces the possibility of:

  • A fine of $1,000 – $5,000 for a first offence.
  • A fine of $2,000 – $5,000 for a subsequent offence.
  • In addition the Court may impose a jail sentence up to six months.
  • An automatic Ministry Imposed Licence suspension of 6 months.

A “subsequent offence” is when an individual is convicted again for driving while suspended within five years of the first offence.

If you have been convicted of driving while your license has been suspended due to a Criminal Code of Canada violation, please see our Drive Disqualified page as this is not the same charge as Drive Suspended and carries different penalties.

these penalties may appear severe, but they are often defendable. Generally speaking, for first time offenders, a minor charge is achievable to avoid these serious ramifications to your license as well as your insurance.

You do not have to worry, we deal with these charges everyday. Call our office to book a free consultation! We will help you!

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