Disobey Sign Charges

Many drivers in Ontario believe that stop sign charges are not a big deal when in actuality they are more serious than one thinks.

Failure to Stop and Disobey Sign Tickets

Disobey sign charges can be defendable but often times we are able to have them reduced to a minor offence. The Ontario Highway Traffic Act stipulates that all drivers are required to stop at a stop sign. Failing to do so will result in a ticket for failing to stop. Stop sign charges do not only arise if a driver fails to stop. A driver can receive a similar ticket to a stop sign ticket for failing to yield the right of way to the other vehicle who has arrived at the intersection first. Both of these charges will result in the same fine as well as the same amount of demerit points.

Our main goal is to have the charges withdrawn prior to trial. If this is not possible, we will do our best to negotiate a lesser offence with the prosecution to avoid demerit points on your license as well as increased insurance. If all of this is not possible, our last resort would be a trial in which we would do our best to have you acquitted of the charge.

Disobeying a stop sign is just one of the many sign charges that exist under The Highway Traffic Act in Ontario. Some of the other charges that exist are:

  1. Fail to yield.
  2. Disobey sign- prohibited turn, where an individual makes a turn durning the prohibited hours specified.

We deal with these types of charges everyday. Our Lawyers and Paralegals are constantly in court dealing with these driving offences as well as many others. Our primary goal is to have this ticket withdrawn so that there are no ramifications to ones driver license or insurance rates. If this is not possible, our team will do the best to have these charges reduced as much as possible so that the penalties you may face are extremely minor.

Penalties Associated with Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign:

Any driver charged under The Highway Traffic Act faces the possible penalties of:

  1. 3 demerit points.
  2. A fine of $110 unless reduced by the Justice of the Peace.
  3. If convicted, this charge will remain on a driver’s abstract for 2 years from the offence date.
  4. The possibility of insurance rate increases.

All insurance companies classify driving offences differently. It is very difficult to say how much a charge like this would increase a driver’s insurance in Ontario.

A prohibited turn due to a disobey sign may result in a fine as well as a loss of 2 demerit points.


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