The Highway Traffic Act Appeals:

Have you received a judgement which you are not happy with and believe you are still innocent of the charge?

Highway Traffic Acts Appeals

Have you received a court outcome that you are dissatisfied with? We have a team of experience Lawyers and Paralegals to look after your best interests. Appeals are time consuming and require a fair amount of work to be done in order to receive the outcome you desire.


Under the Provincial Offences Act, an individual is required to pay their fine prior to the commencement of an appeal. If you do win your appeal, the money that you paid due to your prior conviction will be returned to you upon your acquittal. In some situations the court may allow an individual to enter into recognizance without paying the fine.


Some criteria that lead to appeals are:

  • An error of law or fact by the Justice of the Peace.
  • New evidence that is detrimental to your case that was unavailable at the time of trial.



We Appeal All HTA Charges

Here at The Traffic Lawyers ®, we believe in the innocence of our clients. If you have received a verdict that you are not satisfied with, we are here to help you and appeal your conviction. Appeals are time consuming, thus requiring a more money then just a a regular trial. We appeal all charges under the HTA, excluding Red Light Cameras. It does not matter if we have represented you on your original trial date, or that you are hiring us strictly for your appeal. We are the team for you!


There must be a legal issue at hand to enable an appeal within the court. At times the Court may not grant the right to appeal, we urge you to come in for a free consultation to see if you qualify for an appeal.

We are here to help you and protect your innocence of your charge that your rightfully believe should not have rendered a guilty verdict.

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