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Charged with possession of a controlled substance? The Traffic Lawyers can help.

If you’ve been charged with possession of a controlled substance you need The Traffic Lawyers on your side.

Drug charges vary in their severity in that certain drugs are considered more serious then others while carrying higher penalties then less serious drug charges. A simple Marijuana possession of a gram would be less serious then that of a possession charge for a gram of Cocaine. Therefore a less serious sentence would be associated with the Marijuana charge oppose to the Cocaine charge.

There is no need to fear your drug charges. We are here to help you. We deal with these charges everyday and have extensive knowledge pertaining to possible diversion as wells as defences to your charge. There is no need to fear as we The Traffic Lawyers will help you in any possible way to mitigate all damages and to avoid any criminal records for our clients. We have the experience to help you and there is no need to be scared. You are taking the proper steps by picking up the phone and calling our office. Our knowledgeable Lawyers and Paralegals are here to help you in every way possible.


Here at The Traffic Lawyers®, we defend simple possession charges, not trafficking charges.


The Government of Canada rates and classifies each drug based on their chemical properties, the severity of the drug, and the effects that it has on an individual. Opium, codeine, and Morphine are considered to be under schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Act as they are considered very serious oppose to Marijuana which is a less serious substance and  classified under schedule 2 of the Controlled Substance Act.

Good people make mistakes.

There is a negative stigmatization associated towards those who may indulge in an illegal substance from time to time. Here at the Traffic Lawyers ®, we do not believe in that negative stigmatization and believe that everyone should be afforded fair representation against their possession charge.


These charges are certainly defendable. Often times diversion for a small amount of possession for first time offenders are attainable. Good people do make mistakes. Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to have a legal help in fighting their charge.  We are here to help you and keep you out of the criminal justice system.


We are here to help,protect, and  keep you out of the criminal system for simple recreational use of drugs.

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