Have you been charged with Impaired Driving / Over 80 in Ontario?

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Impaired Driving / Over 80 Charges

Have you been charged with impaired Driving / Over 80?

Every case is different, but the ramifications of a conviction are always dramatic and the cost of hiring proper representation is generally minor when compared to the costs that you might be facing…

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  • This is a very unique area of law;
  • A legal opinion on a criminal driving charge requires the considered advice of a professional Lawyer, there are no exceptions.
  • We offer free consultations, so that you will have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to us.
  • After hearing your version and reviewing all of the disclosure, we will do our very best to lay out your options and the likelihood of success at trial.
  • Whether you think that you are guilty or innocent, it is absolutely critical that you talk to a Lawyer before making a decision, or entering a plea.
  • You will not be penalized for having Counsel with you in Court and you will not get credit for taking responsibility quickly without the assistance of a Lawyer.
  • We will provide you with a quote for a fixed fee so you will know exactly what representation will cost; with no surprises.

Good people, make mistakes. In fact, most people charged with Impaired Driving are otherwise law abiding, honest people who unexpectedly find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, facing a very difficult charge.

“If there is a way to eliminate or reduce your charge, we will find it!”

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This calculator is to be used for informational use only. Do not use the calculator to determine whether or not you should drive. Never operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment after consuming any amount of alcohol.

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    Please note that Ontario Paralegals are not permitted to handle these types of charges; only Lawyers are permitted by Law Society Rules.

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    Good People Make Mistakes!

    You should not assume that you are guilty just because you have been charged and you should not feel that you are morally obligated to plead guilty at the first opportunity in order to take responsibility for your actions. This is definitely one of the most serious decisions that you will ever have to make in your lifetime and you absolutely do need to speak to a Lawyer before deciding what to do.

    We are certainly not advocating drinking and driving, but the reality is that it is actually legal to drink and drive in the Province of Ontario. The problem is that at some point legal behaviour can cross over a threshold into illegal behaviour and unfortunately there is no practical way of knowing with precision exactly when one has crossed that line. In addition, judgement becomes impaired as alcohol is consumed and the result, all too often, is that otherwise law abiding citizens find themselves in trouble with the law and facing an Impaired Driving or Over 80 charge.

    The penalties for drinking and driving are severe and result in mandatory fines and automatic license suspensions. While custody would be extremely unusual for a first time offender, absent exceptional circumstances, jail time is automatic for subsequent offences. One’s ability to cross borders or to hold a job can be permanently compromised. Insurance rate increases can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

    This is not the time to choose your legal representation based on the lowest bidder; you need the best defence possible and the professional assistance of a Trial Lawyer that defends Impaired Driving charges for a living.

    Whether you think that you’re guilty or innocent, we would like to invite you to visit our office to meet with us in person; but please call first, since meetings are by appointment only. Our Lawyers deal exclusively with Driving Offences and we will do our very best to determine whether your charge can be eliminated or reduced. The initial consultation is always free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

    You will find us to be very understanding and professional. We are not here to judge you; we are here to help you. When everything seems to be unravelling, you absolutely do need a professional in your corner and one that has your best interests at heart. So, give us a call and ask to schedule your free half hour consultation, not with a paralegal, but with a real experienced Trial Lawyer.

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