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Refusing a Breath Sample

Have you been charged for refusing to provide a breath sample / refuse to blow in Toronto, the GTA, Kitchener or surrounding areas?

If you’ve been charged for refusing a breath sample, referred to as “refuse to blow”, we’ll do everything possible to assist you.

  • This is a very unique area of law;
  • A legal opinion on a criminal driving charge requires the considered advice of a professional Lawyer, there are no exceptions;
  • We offer free consultations, so that you will have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to us;
  • After hearing your version and reviewing all of the disclosure, we will do our very best to lay out your options and the likelihood of success at trial.

Refusal to provide a breath sample to a police officer is an extremely serious offence. This offence should never be taken lightly. If A conviction is rendered by the court, it will result in a criminal record. The implications arising out of this conviction are tremendous and should always be handled by a Lawyer to ensure that your best interests are dealt with accordingly.

Every case is different, but the ramifications of a conviction are always dramatic and the cost of hiring proper representation is generally minor when compared to the costs that you might be facing.

BAC Calculator

This calculator is to be used for informational use only. Do not use the calculator to determine whether or not you should drive. Never operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment after consuming any amount of alcohol.

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    Please note that Ontario Paralegals are not permitted to handle these types of charges; only Lawyers are permitted by Law Society Rules.

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